Technical Yarns and Fabrics

We can offer specialist yarns and fabrics. Our range includes water soluble and high temperature alumina-silica yarns and fabrics and a range of cold water dissolving films.

Nitivy Solvron® water-soluble yarns for industrial applications

We are UK distributors of Nitivy Solvron water-soluble yarn manufactured from Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) by the dry spinning method. Many significant applications have been developed and perfected that take advantage of Solvon’s water-soluble properties.

NITIVY ALF® alumina-silica yarns deliver flexibility and stability

Alumina-silica yarn NITIVY ALF® is made up of thousands of filaments and has excellent flexibility and stability. Products include yarn, sewing thread, rope, cord, fabric, tape and braided sleeving. As well as electrical insulation, properties include resistance to chemicals, thermal shock, corrosion and moisture absorption.

Need a technical yarn that’s not listed here?

If it’s not here – ask us! We know where to find special niche yarns to suit your specific requirements.

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