A selection of silk yarns in a variety of styles and textures offered by Gaddum

Silk products for spinning, weaving, papermaking and craft work

Since 1826 our main business has been in silk – “The Queen of Fibres”. Over the last few years we have developed many new silk products, which are used in the spinning, weaving, paper-making and craft industries.

Along with filament silk yarn we also offer silk fibres in noils, carded cocoon strippings, mulberry and tussah sliver, as well as innovative fibres including soybean fibre and bamboo fibre.

We continue to develop products to meet our customers’ needs and have recently expanded our range to include soybean fibre and bamboo fibre. Take a look at our wide range of yarns, fibres and raw silk products.

Silk yarns and silk blends available in many textures and colours

We supply filament silk yarn in qualities 2a, 3a, 4a, 5a and 6a in raw on dyepack, cone or hank. Filament silk can be degummed and dyed in both tram and organzine qualities for knitting and weaving.

There are fancy yarns, including bouclé and handknitting yarns. All yarns are mainly supplied in their natural colour in hank or cone.

We also supply spun silk yarns in mulberry and tussah (wild) silk and blends with wool, camel, cotton, linen and other fibres in yarn counts Nm 2 to 210/2. Dyed silk is available in 16 vibrant colours.

From silk cocoons to bamboo fibre (fiber) – special products for the craft industry

Take a look at our comprehensive range of silk noils, silk tops, silk cocoons, silk carrier rods. The range has been expanded to include bamboo fibre and soybean fibre.

Special washing agents for hand and machine washing

Special fibres deserve special care. We can supply washing agents that have been specially developed to take care of luxury fibres such as silk and fine wools.

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Learn about silk

We’ve produced a 64-page booklet – Silk, How and Where it is Produced suitable for schools, colleges and personal reading.

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